Building a proficient team is our long-term objective
TNS Holdings offers a working environment that encourages workers to unleash their skills and chance to career advancement
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Human resource is the most valuable asset and the foundation of sucess

Taking human resource as the main focus, TNS Holdings efforts to build an interesting workplace that attracts individuals seeking for new experiences and customer satisfaction.

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As a service provider for partners and clients, we always pay our dedication to each action & speech and focus on achieving the highest quality of "Service at heart"


To achieve the best result, every TNS Holdings' staffs need to actively work closely with their colleages and clients/partners. In every circumstances, regardless of coordinating with clients/partners or colleagues, activeness is the required mindset to achieve the "final result".


To bring out the best service quality, TNS Holdings and member companies always strive to innovate & update the latest technology to everyday works.


Working at fast pace & seizing opportunities are the core mottos applied for all TNS Holdings' staffs to effectively optimize working process and make clients convenient.


"Statistic says it all". TNS Holdings always focuses on developing the most comprehensive and finest products/services for customers and clients.


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