TNS Property Management

TNS Property Management

TNS Property Management - A service provider in property management for building, office, apartment, industrial park. A trusted partner of many enterprises and groups working in the fields of Real Estate, Retail, Finance - Banking. ​

High-rise apartment :

1. TNR Goldmark City​​​

2. TNR GoldSeason​​

3. TNR GoldSilk Complex

4. Anland Complex

Office Building​:

1. TNR Tower 54A Nguyen Chi Thanh

2. TNR Tower 180-192 Nguyen Cong Tru

Industrial Zone​:​

1. Hanoi – Dai Tu Industrial Park (Hanoi)

2. Thach That – Quoc Oai Industrial Park (Hanoi)

3. Quang Minh Industrial Park (Hanoi)

4. Que Vo III Industrial Park (Bac Ninh)

5. Minh Quang Industrial Park (Hung Yen) 

6. Phuc Dien Industrial Park (Hai Duong​)

7. Tan Truong Industrial Park (Hai Duong​)

8. Nam Sach Industrial Park (Hai Duong​)

9. Đong Van II Industrial Park (Ha Nam)

10. Đong Van II Industrial Park (Ha Nam) 

11. Bim So​​​n A Industrial Park (T​​​hanh Hoa)

Shopping Mall:

1. TNL Plaza Goldmark City

2. TNL Plaza GoldSeason

3. TNL Plaza The GoldView

4. TNL Plaza Goldsilk Complex​​​

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